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Spitfire Doors North Wales

The Best Doors In Europe 

Spitfire Doors, the epitome of elegance, security and style. Each door and frame is meticulously engineered by combining substantial sections with hi-tech options such as automatic locking. We can install any design of Spitfire Door to your home - choose the best for keeping your home, family or business safe.

A Spitfire Door is the perfect fusion of security, substance and style. Each door and frame is meticulously engineered by combining substantial aluminium sections with hi-tech options like automatic locking. Spitfire Doors are widely specified in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where consumers demand premium technically advanced products, with guaranteed durability.

With over 600 door styles to choose from, including doors with side lights, double doors and French doors, there is a Spitfire Door to suit every property type. Plus, you are free to literally design your own door style using the S-500 Series as the basis for your design.


Our Spitfire S-500 Inotherm door range has a very substantial 105mm Schüco aluminium outer frame which ensures the thermal performance of our doors can be lower than even Passiv Haus standards.

S-500 Series doors are exceptionally strong because the Schüco aluminium sections have 3mm thick walls, unique to Spitfire. Our S-500 Inotherm aluminium door leaf is a substantial 85mm deep also from Schüco, always combined with three layers of toughened glass. 

Spitfire S-500 Series doors are also available with a wide range of ‘tech’ options like fingerprint opening and built-in LEDs.

These amazing doors will not only look great, they will also keep you safe and make sure your home is draught free.

For those who love the sheer beauty of natural materials (and who doesn’t?), Spitfire’s new S-400 range really is the obvious choice.

The outer faces of each door are solidly constructed from West Canadian red cedar (‘thuja plicata’), a species justly renowned for the exceptional beauty of its grain, its rarity and great durability.

For over ten years now, these incredibly secure, stylish, contemporary designer doors have established an unrivalled reputation with the most discerning customers across Europe as well as the very hot and challenging climates of Africa and far east Asia.

  • Safe and secure  Our aluminium doors offer very high levels of security with multipoint locks, fingerprint recognition, smart spy hole cameras and built-in lighting.

  • Durable  All Spitfire Doors have very high grade powder coated finishes, designed to withstand all UK weather conditions.

  • Energy saving   Our aluminium doors have amongst the lowest thermal values on the market, down to an incredible u value of 0.7W/m2K.

  • Designer Doors   With designs ranging from traditional Georgian to uber-contemporary styles, there is a Spitfire Door to suit every property.