Why Should I Get Double Glazed Windows?

Converting a single glazed window to a double glazed window has over time become such a popular way of upgrading an older property. It's no wonder - the benefits are numerous, be it sound insulation, heat insulation, as well as adding value it is a great option to transform a property.

It is also true however that you should carefully consider this before deciding to upgrade your property. In this article, we will be weighing up the benefits and potential disadvantages of upgrading your windows.

We understand that windows make up for such an important part of the home, be it the aesthetic, warmth and feel of the home.

Single Glazed Issues

Let’s firstly address the disadvantages that people with single glazed windows are likely to encounter.

Thermal insulation inefficiency

Single glazed windows consist of a single pane of glass, and as such, they are very inefficient in a myriad of ways. One of the most common complaints is the likes of heat retention. Single glazed windows allow heat to escape through them easily, and as such homes with only single glazed windows tend to be colder and more expensive to heat than their double glazed counterparts. You can see the results with an infra-red camera.

Security issues

Single glazing lacks security as it is relatively simple for thieves to break a pane of glass and create an entry point to your home. It also means that any investments you have made into the security of your home become rendered relatively useless.


The noise of outside traffic or having louder neighbours than a single glazed window will allow much of this noise pollution to enter into your humble abode and therefore ruin the zen-like quiet of your home. Not ideal and it is a choice when not investing in double glazing.

Double Glazing

So is double glazing the right choice for you? Well, it might be proved to give you better heat insulation than single glazed homes, double glazed windows act as a solid barrier that insulates against noise and temperature loss. You can expect less heat to escape in the winter and less to enter in the summertime - ideal.

Improve your security

Opportunistic thieves will also be frustrated by your new windows as they make it much harder to gain entry into a building as they will now not be able to break through your window as easily as they would have been able to before. You will also be able to add value to your property. As such an upgrade to double glazed windows means that you were getting a significant security upgrade as well as a temperature and economic upgrade. All this makes for a large improvement to the integrity and the value of your home to boot!

Contact us for enquiries into our services - we are only too happy to offer our advice and our expertise to add value to the area. Wishing you the very best on your double glazed journey.

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