Ultion Lock

It’s now 2020, and there is no doubt that this new decade will be all about Smart technology. It is getting increasingly popular that people want their homes customised for their specific needs. With all the recent advances in technology, it makes sense for everyone to have a home which lets them have their best quality of life.

People who have been disabled from birth, or that have been temporarily disabled should have their living space specially tailored to themselves, or people who would just like specific requirements should be able to have access to them.

Smart technology can also be great for the home in terms of safety. Regular technology protecting your home is becoming easier for intruders to overcome, making your home less secure.

What adaptations can be made to your home?

For disabled people, many adaptations can be made around a home. Electric beds, hoists in bathrooms, and lowered counters in kitchens. Things as small as having light switches at the correct height for wheelchair users can make a huge difference.

Recently Smart meters have been on the rise, which makes measuring how much gas and electricity is used, a lot easier – to the point where you might not even have to do it, it will just be automatically send to your supplier.

One of the biggest issues for many people is locking and unlocking the front door. Whether it’s to let the kids back in from school whilst you're still at work, or letting a carer in when you find it difficult to actually get to the door.

The Ultion Smart Lock

The Ultion lock was designed to address the needs of those who are disabled, those who want to up their security, and those who have lots of people accessing their home. It has a range of functions which can help out.

There is a twist assist function, which means when unlocking from the inside, you only need to turn the lock slightly and it will open fully. This can help people who lack strength in their hands. For people with limited mobility, the lock can be opened from a smart phone. The smart lock also does not require the door handle to be lifted in order for it to lock.

The Ultion Lock can be set so that your door automatically opens when you are within range – helpful when your hands are full of shopping. A unique code can also be shared to let people in when you are not around to do so.

How is this more secure?

This lock provides extra security for your home by having a timer set which makes sure the door will be secured after a specified amount of time.

With a regular lock system, an intruder can gain access to your home within only 9 seconds. To combat this, the Ultion lock’s core is made from Molybdenum, a material that is 25% denser than iron which is used in standard locks.

When this lock is attacked, a series of bolts inside the core are triggered and go into ‘lock down mode’ which stops the intruder from being able to open the door.

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