The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

Ahead of investing in a particular window frame, you should find out the pros and cons of each variety. In this article, we will be exploring aluminium windows.


One of the most notable benefits is that they can be a lot cheaper than other window frames, and for example, wooden frames such as timber can cost so much more than aluminium windows and need much more attentive maintenance. Plastic frames like uPVC can be a lot cheaper than aluminium. However, uPVC frames are also a lot more likely to degrade over time. As such, these can be more costly in the long run.


Aluminium windows can last up to 30 years. This is because aluminium is considerably more resistant to the outside elements when compared with other frames. This makes them a lot less likely to warp, or to rot than other varieties. Additionally, aluminium also has a high strength to weight ratio. This makes them a lot harder to dent.

Ease of maintenance

While also being durable, aluminium windows have the added advantage of being particularly easy to maintain. While finishes may vary, it may require a lot more care than others but a fast, overall clean of the glass, as well as the frame every 2-4 months, will help to remove dirt and to keep the windows looking shiny and clean.

Thermal efficiency

Aluminium windows can easily achieve improvements in the heat gain and loss through windows by as much as a whopping 60%, this is in part due to the introduction of polyamide tech, which has taken the energy performance of aluminium glazing to whole new levels. This provides key benefits to homeowners and business owners to save money on their bills.


Aluminium is also a fully sustainable product. It is an amazing 100% recyclable and leaves a very small ecological footprint. This means that you can get your new windows installed without the guilt of doing undue harm to the planet.

Aluminium windows disadvantages

The disadvantages associated with aluminium windows are more to do with them as a preference rather than practical issues. They are no longer regarded as a poor choice for heat retention when fitted with a thermal break, and they have a lot of advantages in terms of durability as well as ease of maintenance. Some individuals however will never consider replacing their timber windows with aluminium, particularly those who have traditional house designs. Also, the cheaper upfront cost of uPVC windows can be particularly attractive for some individuals.

Compared with uPVC windows, aluminium windows have the advantage of being more durable and can last longer. This can outweigh the higher initial cost of having aluminium windows installed. This, added to the aluminium windows, are environmentally friendly and can allow for much greater design flexibility. If you are interested in careers, then give us a call also!

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