The Surprising Benefits of a Conservatory

If you’re living in an older home, it might be time to consider building an addition to your house, adding on to the existing space. One possibility that you may not have considered before is building a conservatory, or sunroom, on your property. These are popular additions in the United Kingdom, where they are often referred to as Orangeries due to their historical association with growing oranges in British climes. But what are the benefits of adding one to your home? Here are some ideas about how conservatories can improve your home while making it easier and more enjoyable to live there.

1) They add value to your property

While you might spend thousands building a conservatory, it can actually make your home worth more. The conservatory has been named as one of the most popular features in homes for years because it's such an attractive and practical addition. In many instances, homeowners report that their property value increases by as much as 15% when they install a conservatory. This means that if you're selling soon, you could recoup some or all of your initial investment. You can then use those funds to pay off other debts and bills and start saving for other home improvements.

2) They provide extra space

You’re always going to need more space than you have available, and that means getting creative with how you use your home. Homeowners with large families often find it difficult to fit everyone in, but adding an extra room is only feasible if you’re expanding upwards. The solution? A conservatory. By replacing one or more windows in your home with glazed walls (often using double-glazing for extra insulation), you can create extra room without moving house.

3) They can be used all year round

Many people think conservatories are for winter-only, but their main function is actually to make your home more comfortable by providing insulation from heat and cold. This means you can enjoy them all year round! Depending on where you live, it may even be possible to grow plants in your conservatory throughout much of the year. In fact, people sometimes install conservatories as their main form of growing space, as they can have extra lights and ventilation that's not necessary for growing plants during other seasons. Once you decide on a conservatory, it can become a useful room for additional tasks such as reading and entertaining friends during warmer months.

4) They encourage social interaction

A conservatory can have multiple functions, making it great for encouraging social interaction. A kitchen/dining area with an outdoor table or balcony seating is great for family meals or entertaining friends. If you’re lucky enough to have a glass roof, enjoy your morning coffee al fresco even when it’s raining outside. If you go for something more substantial, like sliding doors or full glass walls, many conservatories become hubs to socialize and meet up with friends before heading out to work or school each day.

5) A great place for indoor plants

A conservatory is great for cultivating houseplants. Plants don’t only bring light and fresh air into our homes; they also help clean indoor air, adding oxygen to stale air and soaking up harmful chemicals in the air. Indoor plants are relatively easy to care for—all you have to do is remember to water them every now and then—and are an inexpensive way to boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. Conservatories, also known as sunrooms, are beautiful additions to homes and buildings - but when left dirty and neglected they can be an eyesore and detract from the value of your property. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to clean your conservatory properly and maintain it to a great standard.

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