Keeping Your Conservatory Clean

Conservatories can make a fantastic addition to any home, however, they require you to put in the work to keep them nice, pleasant and clean places - in which to enjoy the natural light of the great outdoors as it pours through the windows. Here at AA Conservatories, we want to make as easy for you as possible, including in the area of your new glassy house extension, see our conservatory gallery for ideas.

Just start at the top, and work your way downwards.

The exterior of a conservatory can pick up a fair amount of dirt over an extended period. While everyone might have their way of doing things, if you decide to work up from the bottom, you could end up doing twice as much work. Working upwards can leave any areas that you have cleaned exposed to dirt and grim, as the grim water from above can drip downwards on the windows and doors. This not only saves time but can save in effort and hard work also. Any of this clean water that drips downwards will help to ease up any hard to shift dirt as you move in a downwards direction.

Clean your gutters

While you are cleaning, it’s a great idea to tackle those gutters. You’d be surprised at the sheer volume of weeds, moss and other debris that manage to get in. This makes not only an ugly sight but also interferes with the function of the drainage system. The good news of all this is that gutters are usually extremely easy to maintain and only need cleaning out once, or twice annually. If you do come across blockages, don’t try and sort it yourself unless you know what you are doing! Call a plumber out to clear the way.

Clean the inside of the conservatory

Keeping it clean doesn’t just mean cleaning the outside, but the inside also, mould, mildew and the like thrive in damp conditions. These can make themselves at home in your conservatory if you are not ventilating it and keeping it clean properly. Make sure that your conservatory is kept clean and tidy. Remove any contamination that could build up if left unattended.

Clean often and in small chunks

Cleaning the conservatory is no small task, and you will want to make the job as smooth and easy as possible. Doing tasks that are smaller such as wiping down window frames or window sills often takes the load off. Regular cleaning can prevent any buildup of dirt or dust, which saves effort and time in the long run. Remember, cleaning is a life-long thing, it's best to just stay on top of things. This goes for garden rooms too!

DON’T Stand on the Roof

Be safe when you are cleaning, the conservatory roof isn’t made to bear heavy loads, the glass panels aren’t designed for you to stand on top of. The absolute best way for you to clean your conservatory roof is by making use of the proper equipment.

We recommend investing in an extendable cloth or brush that will help you to wipe away any excess conservatory cleaner. You should use a hose nozzle that can squirt to the top of the conservatory. Using this equipment means you can clean the conservatory properly without endangering yourself.

Wipe the framework. You can tackle this with hot soapy water, but make sure you don’t get anything on the windows themselves or you might create unsightly streaky marks.

Remember, it’s trial and error, and as long as you do things intentionally and systematically, you can’t far go wrong.

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