Does a Conservatory Add Value to Your Home? A Closer Look

How much value does it add to your home?

It’s the end of summer, many people will be thinking of getting a conservatory or beginning the project over the course of the summer, autumn and winter seasons. Is this the best way of using your hard-earned cash?

A lot of people will instantly think of conservatories to boost the value of your home. It is a simple affair, you need to make sure that you access the proper advice before investing.

Did you know that a whopping 44% of conservatory owners said that they would admit that they’d do something different if they were to go through the process all again? That means that too many folks aren’t getting the right help the first time around.

As such, we are striving to ensure that you have the right information to make the best decision as to what is the right investment for you.

How much does a conservatory cost?

This is the question that a great many of our customers hold in their minds. The answer as with almost all kinds of home renovation can vary vastly indeed.

One thing you should be sure of is that a reputable installation provider will offer a free quote upon request. It is known that a conservatory installation quote needs to be taken with a grain of salt unless you have the exact specifications right there and then.

The base cost of installing a conservatory can be categorised as a low spend, this is especially true when it is compared with more heavy-duty renovations like a brick and mortar extension.

Here is the value of a conservatory to a certain kind of family

  • A family who feels very cramped in their current living area. If you feel like the living room has been overrun with clutter then a conservatory can offer the ideal playroom, or a relaxation lounge, or a breakout space for events and parties.

  • For enthusiastic gardeners who want to provide a good space for their indoor plants, conservatories are lovely, light-filled rooms that can provide a safe haven for indoor plants. If you have green fingers or if you like to be surrounded by life then a conservatory is a sanctuary for plants and furry friends alike.

  • Party hosts who want to throw regular dinner parties, and have another space for dinner and drinks. Also, having a dedicated space for a warm summer evening for cocktails and wine.

  • Elderly people who aren’t as mobile but yet enjoy the weather. In the event that getting outside is a bit tricky or precarious, then you can enjoy the sun rays from the comfort of home. From bird watching to book reading, a conservatory is an absolutely wonderful environment to immerse oneself in.

Maintaining the conservatory roof ever so often can be expensive, a way around this is to invest in a solid roof conservatory or orangery. Glass conservatory roofs can be a real challenge to keep clean. Solid roofs might block the sunlight, but they can be fitted with skylights that still allow some rays to shine through.

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