The Ultimate Guide to Replacement Conservatory Roofs

If you are reading this blog then there is a very good chance indeed that you are considering giving your conservatory a brand new lease of life by replacing the roofing system that is currently in place. Perhaps your home is a little cold and your conservatory is the obvious culprit when it comes to a heatsink. It could be simply that the existing conservatory roof is looking tired and worn.

To add some additional value to your home, and to transform the space that was at one time the pride and joy of your entire home, a new roof can bring it all back. But before you commit to it, there are several very important aspects that you should know about. This will form the foundation for what sort of decisions you decide to make. There are of course a myriad of factors, and we will try to get to the important issues here.

Why your conservatory is the way it is now

Conservatories were originally defined as a home improvement of which the roof was 50 - 70% of the roof space is constructed from purely glazed materials (glass). This definition meant that they don’t need to comply with the building regulations that impede many home development plans that homeowners might yearn to take.

This amounted to something that is little more than a glass box leaning on the side of one's property. However, the issue with this is that the conservatory designs can quite commonly be too cold in the wintertime and too hot in the summertime. They can now on the other hand be great insulators.

Regulations have set us free!

Changes in regulations mean that you are now able to have more control and choice in conservatory design than ever before! Conservatories that were built in this time can now be replaced with something much more substantial. This is where replacement conservatory roofs come in.

In the case that you don't want to pay for an entirely new conservatory, but you have an existing one that leaks, is a poor insulator, has an ugly roof or could do with a makeover, then a replacement conservatory roof could well be the option for you.

Warm roof

Here at AA Conservatories, we utilize a warm roof, which is installed by our fully qualified Team Guardian fitters. You will be 100% sure that you will be provided with the very best warm roof in all of North Wales.

What if I can’t have a new roof?

Depending on the age of the existing conservatory, it may be that the structural integrity of the frames is unable to support the roof. If this is the case, it will be identified upon our initial survey visit. In this case, you are in luck, as we are also one of the very best conservatory providers in the region, and are able to help you with every aspect of conservatory design all the way to construction and the finished product.

Whatever the case may be, we are more than happy to discuss this matter further with you to guide you to the best possible outcome for all parties involved. We are committed to delivering you the best conservatory you could possibly ask for!

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