The Benefits of Glass Patio Doors

Glass patio doors are great because they are not only beautiful but also very functional. When the weather is nice, these doors can be opened to provide plenty of fresh air in your home without sacrificing security or privacy. Here are some other benefits you’ll enjoy when you choose glass patio doors for your home. Doors are how we enter a home, and so it's so important to get them right! If you are looking for front doors, then glass isn't the best option, but for an entrance to your garden - it almost certainly is!

1) Energy Efficiency

Since glass lets in so much natural light, it’s obvious that one of its biggest benefits is energy efficiency. The high-performance insulation used in tempered glass can keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer without relying on additional heating or cooling equipment - providing it’s a sunny day. When you combine that with other design features like triple-pane glazing or heat-reflecting coatings, you get maximum efficiency that reduces energy costs while reducing pollution. Best of all, if your household already has solar panels installed, adding insulated glass patio doors can help reduce energy consumption by allowing sunlight to warm up rooms during daylight hours while reducing heat loss after sunset. French Doors are a great option for this.

2) Style

One of the most popular ways to make your home look elegant is by installing glass patio doors. For your home, glass patio doors are a practical choice that combines style and function. When you install glass patio doors on your property, you can be sure that they will look absolutely fantastic inside and out. Modern properties are built with these in mind as they really do add so much to the property’s aesthetic appeal.

3) Security

A patio door that’s made from glass can be opened just like a regular window. However, if you’re worried about security, double-paned glass patio doors are typically made with one layer of 4mm glass and one layer of 8mm glass. This means they’re much more resistant to breakage, even when there are bulky objects that could potentially shatter them. These doors have extremely sturdy hinges and locks which means that breaking in will be extremely difficult - remember, your property is only as strong as its weakest point.

4) Space and visibility

If you’re looking for a fresh and open space, patio doors made with glass can let in much more light than traditional doors. In addition to letting in plenty of natural sunlight, glass patio doors also allow you to see what’s going on outside from inside your home. This is an especially big plus if you have children or pets that need supervision when they are playing outside. With traditional patio doors, you have to go outside to be able to see them, but with glass patio doors, it feels like they’re part of your indoor space and vice versa.

5) Light

Thanks to its transparency, double-glazed glass lets a lot of light into your home, which is why people choose double glazing. This can be an especially important feature in a room that doesn’t have much light opportunity naturally or enhance an already well-positioned room. Not only does it mean you can use natural light during your day, but it also means you don’t have to turn on as many lights when you get home from work reducing electricity costs and keeping you more environmentally friendly. Of course, that doesn’t mean that all glass is energy efficient—but the fantastic double-pane windows that we provide help keep your rooms cool in summer when vented or opened and warm in winter thanks to the light and heat that enters via the glass. View our gallery for more case studies!

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