Adding a Single Storey Extension to Your Home

A Single Storey Extension North Wales Can Add Valuable Space to Your Property

This home upgrade not only improves your home's layout but can improve the value of your property. There are many ways to do this, but you should do your research before getting started to ensure the best addition possible - here’s how to get going…

Single story extensions are a popular home improvement project, and it's pretty clear why. It creates a much more valuable space for you to live in. It can also assist the flow of natural light within the home space depending on the design and in many cases can take place under the umbrella of a ‘permitted development’. Constructing an extension is a very cost-effective alternative to moving house, and you can often create the home you desire without having to pack up camp and move elsewhere.

In this article, we explain both the rules and the regulations involved in building a single-storey extension.


Before you plan a single-storey extension you should really set your budget and ensure that you can afford what you need before you begin planning or paying anyone.

If you are looking to build on a budget, then around £1,500 to £1900 for a basic quality one can work out at around £30,000.

For a decent quality one, you should expect to pay between £1900 to £2200 per square metre! These costs change all the time, and you must also include the following..

Fees to consider when getting a single story extension

  • Architects fees

  • Structural engineers

  • Surveys

  • Project Managers

  • VAT

  • Planning permission fees

  • Building control charges

  • Party wall agreements.

  • Any additional fees

  • Interior fit-out costs

Getting a Company You Trust

It’s so important that you go with a trusted firm to create your single-storey extension, if you get caught up with an unreliable company you could be frustrated by the lack of fluidity, communication and experience that will be available to you. This can result in setbacks, errors and ultimately an extension that you are not happy with - AA conservatories pride themselves in creating a fantastic customer experience.

Building regulations

Extensions of all kidneys must comply with building regulations. These must be submitted to your local authority’s building control department. Each of these authorities has its own table of charges that can be used, or a private certified building control firm can also be utilised.l some contractors will be certified by building control - the great thing about this is that they can carry out work without having to involve the building control department. This can be a huge plus when it comes to your project’s speed and ease.

Party wall agreements

If you get on well with your neighbours you might be able to get them to sign you a ‘party wall agreement’ waiver form. Otherwise, you may have to appoint a surveyor to arrange party wall agreements. Neighbours can also hire their own surveyor if they do not want to share yours - the bad news is that this will be at your cost.

Make sure you do your due diligence when it comes to selecting a builder for work, and thoroughly plan your job before you get going.

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