5 Ways to Save Money on your Conservatory

Conservatories come in all shapes and sizes. They can cost as much as £40,000, while the average cost of extending the home with a conservatory is around £15,000 according to a recent survey.

Some people do go for higher-end developments, these are expensive glass and metal extensions that can range in the tens of thousands. Others however can still get the benefits that a conservatory offers with a much more cost-effective option.

Here we explain 5 simple steps to follow to save money on your conservatory.

1. Go for the more cost-effective design.

There are so many different kinds of conservatories to consider. This comes down to the brand, materials used and design selected. If you want a basic glass conservatory that will not break the bank then those options are available to you also. You should bear in mind that smaller conservatories that are not fully integrated with the house are much cheaper than those for which you will have to completely knock through your external walls.

You should visit the following page on the types of conservatory that you can acquire.

2. Decide on how space will be used before.

You should be completely clear on how you will use the conservatory - this will allow you to make a solid plan, and therefore control the costs from the outside. There is no point in paying for an additional space that you will not need.

3. Choose the right builder.

Make sure that you have a quality builder with a can-do attitude. Here at AA Conservatories, we like to work with you to find a budget that will work for you, taking your ideas and needs into consideration.

4. Get everything ready beforehand.

Make sure everything is in place when it comes to your conservatory, delays, as well as setbacks, can make time tick on - leading to delays, setbacks - potentially costing you one way or another. The faster you can get the job done, the faster you can enjoy your conservatory or rent out your newly increased value home.

5. Make sure you have the right design for you!

Nothing is going to be more expensive than realising that a couple of years down the line you need to tear the conservatory down and get yourself a new one that will do what you want it to. It’s so important that you get the right design the first time around.

Any questions? Pick up the phone to us today and revolutionise your home by bringing the outside in. We are only too happy to discuss any ideas or thoughts that you have. We pride ourselves on customer service and aftercare above all else. You can rest assured that AA Conservatories is going to provide you with all the information you need, as well as a superlative experience when it comes to designing and building your very own glass extension.

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