4 Important Factors To Think About When Choosing a Conservatory


When looking at different conservatories, you’ll want to pay close attention to these four important factors, as they will help you decide which conservatory will fit your needs the best. Each one of these factors is just as vital to the success of your conservatory as the other, so make sure you don’t overlook any of them!

How big is it?

Think carefully about how much space you need in your new conservatory. How many people will be using it? Whatever size of conservatory you choose, always make sure that there’s enough room for everyone. Think carefully about how big you want to go. Remember, that space has to come from somewhere - if your conservatory is bigger, your yard or garden is smaller.

What’s the style like?

It’s essential to consider what style of conservatory you want. Do you want something that makes your conservatory stand out as a bold statement or do you just want it to fit in? Consider how much maintenance an ornate style will require. And if you choose something too ornate, is it likely to clash with other parts of your house? Whatever your choice, make a plan and go for it! Remember, improving your home is supposed to be fun, so don’t be afraid to try something bold. Of course, not all styles are suitable for all situations so ensure that whatever approach you decide on will be safe and secure. If in doubt talk through things with a professional designer as they have experience designing and installing everything from water features and decking through paving slabs and ponds.

How does it feel?

No matter how much you pay for it, if you can’t stand looking at your new garden room for five minutes, then it’s not going to add any value. If you choose one that will just remind you of summer every time you step into your conservatory, then that’s great – but make sure it feels like an extension of your living space before signing on! Ask a lot of questions to your conservatory provider about why people make certain choices when renovating.

Does it fit with my home?

One of your most basic considerations is whether or not you can make it fit. Many conservatory designers will be able to brainstorm different designs and even provide you with 3D renderings. so you can envisage what it might look like. This way, you can keep tinkering with it until you find what you need.

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