Factors that Can Make Your Extension Project Successful

Perhaps your home is starting to feel a bit cramped or overcrowded? Could your home benefit from some extra living space? You’re not alone, many homeowners across North Wales have found themselves needing more space. Here at AA Conservatories, along with Portwood Construction, we can help to transform your home with the ideas you have to make it a reality.

Many people choose to move house or put their property up for sale, before considering what improvements could be made to their home first. Extending your property (if you have space) is the most cost-effective way to solve your problem. Here are some factors you should consider in order to make your home extension project successful.


Set yourself a realistic budget, this is going to be the single most important thing to do when extending your home. Don’t try and cut corners either, this will have a lasting impact on the final finish quality. In our experience, your budget needs to be realistic enough to carry out all the required work comfortably, otherwise, your dream home improvement might not live up to your expectations.

Think About Use

Once your budget has been finalised, it’s time to seriously think about what you’re actually going to use the extra space for. In our experience, the main reasons for wanting to extend your home are:

  • Extra living space to sit and comfortably relax in

  • A playroom or family room

  • Creating a new kitchen-dining or entertaining area

  • Home office or home gym

The sooner you know what space is going to be used for, the better because the final design can be altered to best suit your needs. Check out our 10 ways to use a Conservatory

Consider Location

Whether you're opting for a conservatory or an orangery, for example, it’s very important to consider where it is going to be built in relation to the sun, as different aspects come with their own set of advantages.

If it is going to be east-facing, you should expect more sun in the morning and less later on, whereas west-facing will be filled with sun from late afternoon onwards. A north-facing build will enjoy the sunshine at the start and the end of the day, but a south-facing build will bask in natural light all day long.

Decide on Doors

You might want to have easy access from your new living space into your garden, so think carefully about the types of doors you want to use. Aluminium bifold doors are some of the most popular choices for homeowners who are keen to create a modern and seamless looking transition from outside to in. If you are working with a bit less space (or budget), French or sliding patio doors can achieve a very similar effect for a lower cost.

Roofing Options

If your new home extension is going to have the ‘wow' factor, you should carefully consider your choice of the roof as this can have a big influence on the final finish. Most orangeries feature a stylish lantern roof to create a feeling of space and light. It also acts as a stunning focal point by bringing the ever-changing skyline right into the very heart of your home.

Conservatories come with many more options, including energy-efficient glass roofs, tiled roofs or even warm roofs. Unlike the old and draughty polycarbonate roofs, each of these options will allow you to use this valuable new living space all year round.

Get in touch with the team to discuss how we can help to transform your home.

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