Advantages of Aluminium Inotherm Doors

Inotherm Aluminium Door

Aluminium entrance doors have a wide range of advantages over their plastic or wooden door counterparts. The key advantages include; excellent anti-burglary protection, practically unlimited design options, structural stability, long lifespan and outstanding acoustic and thermal insulation.

Inotherm doors provide exceptional weather resistance and superior thermal and acoustic insulation. Its reliability makes it a premium entrance door material. At the same time, it enables precise workmanship, which is crucial for products with high thermal and acoustic insulation.

Combining all these features with top quality workmanship and an exceptional style results in the perfect entrance that is both reliable and aesthetically pleasing – even decades after the purchase.

What Options Does an Aluminium Door Offer?

Reliable Security - the modern machining technology and quality material used in making these entrance doors ensure that an exceptional level of anti-burglar security with even the basic door models. There are also a range of accessories that can be added in order to increase protection levels.

Static Ability - an aluminium entrance door exhibits brilliant resistance to temperature changes due to its structural stability. The innovative patented design with a special expansion layer ensures that the doors have exceptional stability even in the most extreme weather conditions.

Design Options - the entrance door is of key importance for the overall architectural design of your home. Its style, colours and accessories give the house a unique style. There are a wide range of different door designs, from simple and classic to modern and extravagant.

The beauty of an aluminium entrance door is that they can be easily redesigned, with practically no limitations. You can also have complete design control over your new entrance door, making it completely unique to you and your home.

Colour - choosing the right shade of door will depend on many factors, as the colour needs to match and be in keeping with the style of the rest of the house. However, if you don’t want to limit yourselves and want to instead choose more boldly, you can opt for some less common colour combinations for your new door.

Thermal Insulation - with the materials used in Inotherm doors, good quality thermal insulation is included as standard. As the standard, doors are manufactured with an 85mm insulating leaf, three-layer glazing and triple sealing. Your new door will effectively prevent heat loss, as well as reduce your overall energy costs and will contribute to environmental protection in the long term.

Easy Maintenance - your entrance door is exposed to a multitude of environmental influences on a daily basis, so having the proper protection and appropriate maintenance are key to ensuring a long lifespan.

An aluminium entrance door is an excellent choice in terms of maintenance as it requires minimal care. It is enough to clean it several times a year with special cleaners for coloured aluminium surfaces or to wipe it using a mild pH-neutral or alkaline cleaning agent.

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