How to add value to your property with home improvement

Buying a home is one of the biggest (and most impressive) things that many of us will ever do; it might take years of saving for a reasonable deposit, months of searching to find the perfect house, and decades to pay the mortgage off, so it’s definitely something that homeowners should be proud of.

Whilst buying a house is something for you to save for and work towards, it should also be seen as an investment. We often think of the ‘property ladder’ - you start off at the bottom rung, then, as you make more money and invest more into your property, you’ll climb up to the next rung: a bigger (or better) house, in a nicer location!

There are plenty of ways that you can add value to your property, but one of the most cost and time-efficient is to make home improvements. These won’t only increase the value of your own home, but potentially that of the whole neighbourhood!

Home improvements may allow you to make a profit on your property, or alternatively, create a more homely place for you to live.

Let’s take a look into how certain home improvements can exponentially increase the value of your house:

Replacing the Doors

What’s the very first thing you notice about a house? Most of the time, it’s likely to be the front door!

It won’t just be you and your guests that notice if your door is of a high-quality and is visually appealing, not only adding to the charm of the house, but creating an inviting presence! Any interested buyers or appraisers will also notice your door - it will be the be one of the first things to make a lasting impression on them.

Character properties, such as those found in North Wales, can especially benefit from a new front door: they can create a desirable vintage or rustique look.

Add a conservatory or extension

Conservatories can be wonderfully peaceful, cosy places - whether you’re after a quiet reading nook that keeps you out of the rain, or a cosy office space that inspires ongoing creativity, a quality conservatory could be a much-needed addition to any home.

It won’t just make your property more homely - a conservatory can drastically boost the value of your house, too! The cost of a conservatory, in some cases, will increase the potential selling price of the house by more than what you initially paid for the extension. That’s what we call a ‘win-win’.

Upgrade your windows

Windows, if you excuse the pun, will provide direct insight into your home.

Sure, they might physically allow you to look in and out of the house, but more than that, they create a sense of charm and character. It’s important to choose the right windows to bring the character out of your house - refurbishing old windows in a like-for-like fashion can help to maintain your property’s price point.

Aside from that, better windows can actually help you to save money. Double glazing, for example, can help you to significantly cut down on your insulation and heating costs over the course of a year.

If you’re ready to make your house a home, as well as secure your financial future, please feel free to contact us today.

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