What are the Benefits of an Orangery?

Orangeries North Wales

Orangeries North Wales are a popular home improvement project as they are an affordable way to extend any property. Often installed at the back of a home, an orangery is generally used as an additional lounge, dining room, playroom or office - but they can also make ideal home cinemas or even a bedroom.

Traditionally, orangeries were a place used for growing orange trees, but over the years it has become a luxury living space for those who love the finer things in life.

What is an orangery?

Similar in style to a traditional extension, an orangery usually has floor-to-ceiling windows with a lantern style roof. They are often more substantial than a conservatory, but are designed in order to blend in subtly with the existing property. A major benefit associated with an orangery is the reduced sunlight and additional warmth it provides, which makes it ideal for year-round use.

What are the main benefits of an orangery?

Orangeries are more versatile than a standard conservatory or an extension.

Create more space - through opening up your downstairs living area with the addition of an orangery, it will transform your home immediately and give you much more usable space - this will have a positive knock-on effect on the other downstairs rooms as they will also feel larger than they actually are.

Flood your home with natural light and airy feel - an orangery combines all the practicalities of an extension, such as added privacy and insulation but with the light and airy feel of a conservatory. Don’t worry about the effect the sun will have on the internal temperature of an orangery, the modern glazing technology used can actually reduce the glare from natural light.

Different roofing options - the main design concept of an orangery is to have a centrally-located roof lantern surrounded by a large, plastered flat roof - this provides stability and is an ideal way to integrate it into the existing property.

Merge the inside and outside of your home - an orangery is a seamless transition between the inside living space and your garden, bringing the outside into your home with ease. Whether you lean towards a modern or traditional orangery style, it will always be stylishly complemented by an adjacent patio area or chic outdoor furnishings.

Save money on heating bills - since an orangery is built from bricks, which are designed to absorb and seal in heat, when you combine this with energy-efficient double glazing, this addition could actually help you to reduce your heating bills. In the summer, thanks to easy access, you can open as many windows and the exterior door and the space can be cooled down in a matter of minutes during the warmer summer months.

The team here at AA Conservatories have extensive experience with orangery installations. Why not get in touch with the team to discuss your new orangery?

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