Is it Time to Replace Your Front Door?

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Is it time to replace your home’s front door? Does it looks a bit shoddy? Doing a poor job of keeping out the weather? Now is a perfect time to buy a stunning new door that is going to add your home’s overall value, improve your energy bills and ensure your security. Composite doors are a clear front runner when it comes to replacing your front door, with a range of stunning design options available.

A new front door can help to give your home instant curb appeal. The front door is a key focal point, and is one of the first impressions that visitors and potential buyers have when they arrive at your home. Therefore, a new front door can significantly positively contribute to your home’s style and character, which can increase its value.

Why get a new door now?

So, why does it make sense to jump on the new door bandwagon now? There is a very good reason; autumn/winter is on the way - and although you can remove and replace a door on any clear day, it’s always better to handle this home improvement before the colder weather sets in.

Does your day involve fighting to open and close your front door?

If your door is giving you more of a workout than the gym, it’s probably time for an upgrade. When you feel your door sticking in the winter months, and being super easy to open and close in the summer, it’s a sure sign that energy is easily escaping.

However, if it is sticking into the door jam, your door has probably got some exposed areas, either down the sides or the top or bottom where you can see the light.

Is your door badly weathered?

Front doors can take a beating over their lifetime; they’re slammed, kicked and exposed to huge temperature changes. If you currently have an old solid wood door, it has probably seen better days - many of these doors have contracted and expanded over so many winters and summers that they have cracks, are extremely weathered and warped. Many old wooden doors have stress fractures in the grains of the doors, these stress fractures expose the outside elements to the inside of your home.

Do you have to stuff a towel under your door to stop draughts?

If this is your reality, you get a B- for effort - at least you've identified where the problem lies. By replacing your draughty front door, you will save on your energy bills over the winter months as your house will be able to retain the toasty hot air instead of letting it all out underneath your door!

Get in touch with the team today to discuss how we can help you replace your front door.

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