Reasons to Invest in a Spitfire Door

Spitfire Entrance Door

Spitfire Doors are the epitome of luxury, bespoke aluminium front doors. Some would say (and we agree!), that they are the perfect fusion of security, style and substance. The meticulous engineering that goes into each door and frame is astounding – combining substantial aluminium sections with hi-tech options like automatic locking.

Aluminium is the hot new product on the block when it comes to windows and doors; the Spitfire is no exception to this. There are many reasons to invest in an aluminium front door, here we explain some of them.

  • Aluminium doors are inherently strong, stable and durable. The innate design integrity means that they are very secure and will resist forced entry much better than their uPVC, fibreglass, composite or wooden counterparts.

  • Colour preferences are extremely easy to cater for with aluminium entrance doors so you can really let your imagination run wild. Modern paint processes allow you to choose just about any possible internal and external colour combinations. Due to aluminium being so durable, along with the addition of modern paints, you can be sure that your door will look good for over 20 years, without seeing any significant loss of hue. Compared with composite, timber or uPVC which should not be produced in dark colours are they will distort badly – this is highly unlikely with well-designed and constructed aluminium doors.

  • If being environmentally friendly is high on the list of requirements, aluminium is a no-brainer. It is one of the most environmentally friendly building materials available and it can be re-used multiple times. This means that you can recycle your old aluminium front door and it could be transformed into a laptop or maybe even an aircraft wing!

  • Almost any door design aesthetic can be produced from aluminium door skins; elegant computer controlled machinery can create squares, curves or complex shapes to match your desired look. Aluminium door skins are also perfect for applying textured or wood-effect finishes to. These high-quality treatments are ingrained within the door skin and are very hard-wearing and refined. It's a lot like how concrete worktops are often used to increase the aesthetic appeal of a home.

  • The latest big trend in architecture is for homes to have big glazed openings and facades. This does inevitably mean that quite sizeable front and back doors are required – due to aluminium doors being very slim but strong, they can be manufactured to be much wider and taller than most other materials and can encompass triple glazed units. Typically, an aluminium entrance door can be produced to be around 30% bigger than the average composite door.

Get in touch with one of the team today to discuss how a Spitfire door could benefit your home.

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