The Benefits of Solid Roof Conservatories

Many homeowners across the UK are looking to add extra living space to their properties; and they are realising the benefits of choosing to invest in a solid-roof conservatory.

A common complaint with homeowners about conservatories is that it gets too cold in winter and too hot in the summer, meaning that is isn’t being used for months at a time. Since the development of the solid roof; an advanced conservatory tiled roof system that offers brilliant thermal performance, whilst also transforming conservatories into the cosiest havens.

Solid roof conservatories are more than just exceptionally energy efficient; they have other additional benefits which include:

Improved thermal efficiency – this is one of the main benefits of choosing a tiled roof conservatory, due to the added layers of insulation in the roof structure it allows you to enjoy your conservatory all year round.

Adds extra value – research has shown that conservatories are known to add additional value to your home, solid roof conservatories can provide extra peace of mind.

Compliments the roof of the house – the tiles used can be finished in a number of colours, which allows customers to choose a finish that compliments the aesthetic of the house.

Flexible design – solid roof additions can be retro-fitted onto almost all pre-existing conservatories (subject to adequate foundations). There is also the option to change the roof style, for example, existing Victorian style conservatories can be fitted with an Edwardian solid roof which provides corner facet roof overhangs.

Enduring and resilient – unlike traditional tiles that are susceptible to cracking and deterioration over time, the tiles included in the solid roof conservatory design are robust enough to withstand all weather types.

Still unsure whether a solid roof conservatory is right for you? Given that there are endless option for customisation with solid roof conservatories, why not talk to one of our team and discuss what we can do for you?

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