10 Ways to Use a Conservatory

A conservatory is a fantastic addition to almost any kind of home. It not only gives you additional space to the house, where you can entertain guests but also gives you a hideaway to sit and watch the seasons turn over. Outdoor living spaces can transform your home into something completely new.

Whatever your plans are for a conservatory, here is a list of ideas that you can implement to best make use of this fantastic space:

1. A colourful dining room.

Just because it's a conservatory doesn't mean that you need to be conservative about things. There's no reason why you can't use your conservatory as a gorgeous dining room, with a white backdrop.

2. Formal, and open plan living.

This open plan living space is bathed in natural light all over. Light coloured furniture with a dark accent can work well here. This is fantastic on sunny days as the conservatory gets nice and warm - making for a pleasant space.

3. A relaxed seating area.

This can be used by implementing hard-wearing furniture, maybe wicker and wooden chairs for an outdoorsy, rustic aesthetic.

4. A kitchen extension.

A lot of people hate a small kitchen, yet they are stuck with one! The good news is that you can extend the side of your home with a kitchen on it to create a fantastic cooking space combined with a sun-filled dining area. We recommend going for neutral tiles, which creates an interesting feature alongside the stove. This contrasts the checkered floor, creating a quirky and calm look.

5. Utility rooms.

Get organised by turning an unused extension into a convenient utility room. The addition of flowers and other accessories ends up making a pretty space. The chequered tiling means it ends up easy to clean and convenient to maintain.

6. A garden room.

This is a spacious conservatory that can be used for the likes of informal dining, as well as entertaining features can include natural; materials, like elegant rattan furniture as well as stone floor tiling. Windows are deliberately left undressed, resulting in the room merging with the great outdoors, welcoming nature into your home.

7. Breakfast room.

Light pours into a gorgeous conservatory breakfast room. It makes for the ideal place to start the day while eating the most important meal. We recommend using a lighter tone beige look, along with wooden elements to add to a bright and positive room vibe, and hopefully passing this onto your day too.

8. Family room.

A conservatory can also be an ideal space for the family to all get-together and unwind during holidays, weekends and after a hard day's work. A sofa for relaxing. Align with some nice cushions, a table for board games and photo albums, make for a relaxing atmosphere.

9. A french style tea room.

A tea room is another great application for your conservatory. With wooden touches, you can get an air of warmth to the white scheme that has been created. French doors leading into the room complete a french inspired and vintage tea room feeling.

10. Whatever you want it to be.

Remember that conservatories are just like any extension, and it's in your home! You can make it into whatever you want it to be.

Enjoy your exciting new development. Contact us today for ideas and prices.

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