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Patio Doors North Wales

Attractive yet practical, patio doors will maximise your view of the outside whilst allowing you to benefit from more natural light within your home.  Our in-line patio doors are extremely versatile and have been a popular customer choice for decades due to their stunning and classical appearance.

Glass doors to garden
Patio doors and bend

If you are looking for an affordable way of gaining extra sunlight and access to your home then our patio doors are ideal. Tough and durable, our UPVC patio doors are very low maintenance and with very little effort from you, they will give you many years of usage.

Their durable sliding action makes them perfect for a busy household where regular access is required. Unlike traditional doors, our UPVC patio doors will never rot, corrode or warp and instead will offer you a robust and sturdy entrance point.


Available with a high security locking system, our patio doors will keep your home incredibly secure. Our patio doors are also available in a wide variety of colours so we can provide you with a door which suits both your property and personal taste.


With great insulation properties, our UPVC doors are invaluable if you happen to live near a busy road or beneath a flight path. When you choose a patio door from our quality collection, you will also benefit from high energy efficiency.


Our energy saving doors will allow you to save money on your heating bills as well as allowing you to contribute towards a greener environment, making them an excellent addition to your property in these eco-conscious times.