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Garden Rooms North Wales

Find Your Perfect Bespoke Garden Building 


Available in a variety of colours and finishes, our bespoke Garden Building Rooms collection has something for every home owner. Our Garden Building Rooms collection is as varied as our customer briefs.

We pride ourselves on our ability to cater to every taste, from bespoke offices, to stylish hobby rooms and home gyms, we have it all. Choose from a wide range of colours and  a variety of authentic wood finishes for those who prefer traditional aesthetics.

Your beautifully crafted Garden Building Rooms will exhibit our high quality craftsmanship which has been gained through 30 years of industry experience.

We only use the most premium of products so you can expect a technologically advanced room as well as a weather resistant structure.

All of our Garden Building Rooms have excellent insulation properties so you can benefit from a naturally cosy space to relax in, even during those cold winter months.

Choose From One Our Design Packages Below


This is our traditional design. The Cube collection is driven by a modern look, with clean lines and the latest in cladding for that perfect finish.


When you need a building to be more than one building! The Combination is perfect for those spaces that require a storage option as well as personal space!


The Scenic is the Garden Room of choice for those wanting to bring the outside in! By upgrading the front elevation to doors as big as possible maximises all the light and view of your garden!


We love The Panoramic! This design is allows light and views to come in from multiple elevations by bringing the doors and windows "around" a corner. This can be left or right handed (or even both!)


The Studio Design focuses more on wall space for work areas but maximises as much light as possible with the introduction of either high level windows (wide and short) or full height windows (narrow and tall)

Need some added design features?

All of our bespoke Garden Building Rooms now come with added features!


If you want to enhance one of the designs above you can do so easily by adding one, two or even all three of the below options!!

Choose From The Designs Below


The Overhang takes any of the above designs to a new level. The overhang can be used simply to add some shade but it can also be used to add spot lights and/or speakers to the outside area!

The Porch takes our Overhang a step further by adding a decked area along with enclosed sides. This can be achieved by either closing each side up or creating a 'P shape' with in the initial design.

Whilst our Bespoke Garden Buildings are perfect in their own way for every use why not add a covered area on the side. This can be used for an eating/kitchen area or maybe it's the perfect spot for the hot tub?